Polly Jones

     My artistic process is to paint from life. It's a celebration of the slow gaze, work that comes from a deep sense of gratitude and a longing to practice mindfulness. The Still life setups are composed of daily life, finding beauty, life, energy and delight in ordinary moments and objects. My work connects with the tradition of Vanitas by including ephemeral flowers, fish and vegetation.


     Paint and paper are combined on canvas to create a surface that invites a close look. I use wrapping paper and vintage ephemera such as map fragments, ledger paper, hymns, poetry and Little Golden Book Encyclopedia pages. This is a way to include other voices and viewpoints within the image as well as a sense of nostalgia and the possibility for various interpretations. Intense color, light, pattern and texture are a focus that drive me on this creative journey. Grappling with these ingredients feels like a very serious form of play. Hopefully, that joy and engagement show up in the work. The polka dot grids refer to faith in atoms, spirit, pixels and all of the things that are hard to see that pervade the physical world.


     Polly Jones grew up in Plainview, Texas surrounded by a vast sky and parents who encouraged her love for art. She earned a BFA at Abilene Christian University which sparked a love for still life painting that has occupied the past thirty years of her life. She is grateful to share this journey with her artist/professor husband and their creative and lovely daughter. A full time artist, Polly spends her time painting in her sunny porch studio at home. Her award winning work has been in numerous shows and is in many collections.