Matthew Jones

     Have you been out this week? I don’t mean out to lunch, or out to town or even out your door – though I agree with Mr. Bilbo that that can be a dangerous thing – but have you been Out? This world is fast paced: up, rinse, coffee, go, day grind, traffic jam, and how dare that car overturn and delay my day? Too caught up in the rush of each passing monotonous moment. Breathe. Just not too deeply else the city air will corrupt your lungs. Take a moment; step out. There is a world out there. A world out there that we’ve forgotten. The world has not forgotten us though; we've asked it to hold our beers and bags a few billion too many times. No, the world remembers us. It misses us. Not our world, it’s had as much of our world

as it can stomach – probably more. But it misses us nonetheless. Go Out. Pay her a visit on Mother’s day. Go for a stroll with him on Father’s day. Avoid using paper on Arbor day. Have a moment. Make it last. Feel it. The world doesn’t mind that it has been an age since you last came round. Walk with it in the woods again. Breath. The air doesn’t reek of us out there. Feel; the stones are smooth and slick beneath clear waters. Touch it; before some jackass dumps his waste down her verdant banks or tries to bottle up the life force. Going out does not have to be far. The world is never far. But somehow, the farther you go to meet it, the closer you feel. You’ve neglected it enough. It’s past time to go out.

Biographical Artist Statement:


     Matthew Jones is an emerging artist from the Midwest. An avid traveler, he is just as passionate about exploring new places as he is the methods by which he recreates the experience. Through the use of encaustic Jones works both additively and reductively. His surfaces are gouged, accreted, scored, and scorched in the process of finding the feeling of the places he visited. This method pairs heavy texture with smooth atmospheric affects resulting in a tangible presence. The combination makes for a tactile experience that puts the viewer in the midst of these environments. Jones received his M.F.A. From University of Dallas in 2018. Jones has shown work at such notable institutions as: Oak Cliff Cultural Center in Dallas, TX, Irving Art Center in Irving, TX, Royal Contemporary in Florence CO, The Beatrice M. Haggerty Gallery in Irving, TX, Umbrella Gallery in Dallas, TX, and Art7 Gallery in Fort Worth, TX.