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Dallas, TX 75207

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Joey Brock

Joey Brock is a mixed media visual artist whose work is anchored in abstract expressionism

influenced by urban and natural landscapes, street art and graphic, minimalist forms. Brock

currently lives in Dallas, TX, where he completed an Associate of Applied Arts degree in

Fashion Merchandising.

Inspired by the events of daily life he creates a playful narrative reflecting his perceptions,

emotions and visualizations of the modern world represented with a touch of sarcasm and

whimsy. Despite the work being abstract in form & autobiographical in nature his narratives

still remain relatable to many. These musings are realized by the manner in which his

paintings are assembled and by the titles of the work. The paintings do not necessarily

resemble the narrative ( but a metaphoric representation of his thoughts, color

choices and composition). His spontaneous brush stokes, line drawing, mark making and

photographic images remain signatures of his work. Brock’s process combines various media

which creates textural surfaces juxtaposed with a translucent, ethereal quality. There is a

layering to his paintings that push the boundaries of the materials while deliberately hiding

some elements to reveal others. The choice to stitch the surfaces together with cotton

embroidery thread was deliberate but also a necessary function architecturally due to the

translucency of some materials. His methodology for graphic construction and use of negative

space gives the work objectivity as if floating in the frame. Brock’s mixed media paintings

encompass a beautiful sensibility, Japanese elegance and an intuitive sense of placement.


Born in Texas and raised in Colorado, Brock discovered his love of art later in life. Always

involved in music and creative hobbies, he completed an Associate of Applied Arts degree in

Fashion Merchandising in 1988, and that experience introduced him to art history, drawing and

color theory. Brock worked several years in the visual-display industry and eventually as the

personal assistant to Holly Hunt in Chicago. During the past 15 years, Brock has worked in the

commercial real estate banking industry, spending more than half that time with Goldman

Sachs. He currently serves as an executive assistant at the Royal Bank of Canada.

Brock’s work has been collected nationally and can be found in the collections of Rawls College

of Business at Texas Tech University, Sierra Providence Eastside Hospital and Alston & Bird

Law Firm. He has been published in Create Magazine Issues V and X, Studio Visit Volume 29, D

Home, Luxe Interior and Design Magazine and Patron Magazine.


He was awarded third prize for artistic merit by juror Eric M. Lee, Director of the Kimbell Art

Museum, for the Artspace 111 3rd Annual Regional Juried show in 2016. Brock’s work has been

represented in Park City, Utah, and Palm Desert, California, and is currently represented at

Beaudry Gallery in Dallas, TX and On Center Gallery in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Brock’s studio is located in The Cedars neighborhood just south of downtown Dallas.