Fannie Brito

     Raised in Caracas, Venezuela by parents who were avid art patrons, Fannie grew up in a world where art was a huge part of her life. Besides living with and making art, she studied medicine in Mexico and has been a doctor for decades. She also studied Art History in Switzerland and has worked as an Art Teacher and Art Therapist.


     The Latino Cultural Center chose her work for their inaugural exhibition in Dallas. She has shown regularly in Dallas galleries and recently in Santa Fe. In 2017 the Irving Arts Center chose forty-five of her paintings for a three-month solo show. Her work has been collected for decades and she has built a body of work that is immediately recognizable.


     Her language is her own. She works in journals and writes directly on panels layered in oils, raw pigments, acrylics, graphite. The marks derive from the scientific and medical but transform into a spiritual expanse of creation that is always a sight to behold. Each piece uniquely hers, but standing on their own as a beautiful and original piece of art.