Dana Cowie

Born in 1975, Dana Cowie is a professional visual artist of over 20 years who lives in Canada. Dana spent much of her childhood in Hamilton, Ontario before enrolling in the visual art program at Central Technical School in Toronto in the mid 90’s. She has also lived in Japan and in Victoria, British Columbia. Dana has worked as a visual stylist for some years, but now focuses on painting. Her work has been exhibited in solo shows and group exhibitions at several galleries in Canada and has a studio attached to her home in Hamilton, Ontario where she creates her work. Painting is part of her life and her work grows and evolves as she does. She is daily inspired on her walks through her community and in her conversations with neighbours and other artists. Her clients reside all over the world, including The United States, England, Germany and Sweden. Her paintings have also been featured in House & Garden magazine (UK), and The Mayfair Life Magazine (UK). Dana is also an art instructor, having taught both children and adults.

     My recent work focuses on the landscape, exploring color and a loose, painterly style to convey energy and joy. My style is probably best described as Contemporary Impressionism, using expressive brush strokes and layering to create movement and life. I move freely between different subjects, but am currently inspired by nature. Although I live in the middle of a busy city, my work evokes a more slow-paced, bucolic life, including images of water and clouds and the way they move and hidden beaches I call “Dreamscapes”. These works are paintings of places that have a dream-like quality. They are places that one dreams of being in. They have an ethereal quality that brings calm and peace.