Chris Turner

     Mr. Turner’s journey to his artistic career has followed a distinctly non-traditional path. At the age of eleven, after a city-wide public school competition, he along with approximately 30 other students were awarded scholarships to work and create in a studio environment at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. This experience inspired a lifelong love of art. He began collecting original art while still in college, and continued to feed this passion for the next 35 years while pursuing careers in architecture and in commercial real estate.

     While he traveled extensively throughout the U.S. and overseas, his thoughts were never far from the subject of art and the desire to study, understand and collect art that spoke to him. Virtually every trip included visits to art galleries, museums and auctions, exposing him to an ever increasing breadth of artistic expression. As a result, he spent countless hours looking at art, studying art, reading about art and talking to artists, gallery owners and other collectors.

Ultimately this led to leaving the world of business and devoting himself to painting full time.


“My life and my art have been profoundly influenced by the people I have met on my travels, and the wide variety of cultural and geographic landscapes they inhabit. These impressions, and my own life experiences which, while they are uniquely mine, are also, I believe, shared by all people.

 Through the use of color, composition and texture, I hope to recognize that common ground which all of us have traveled upon in our search for an answer to the longings of our heart."